• Versatility REimagined
    We’ve designed the PedFuse REmind Midline Screw Family
    under the unifying umbrella of LES midline tissue-preserving
    surgery. “Operating to stay medial to the facets and preserve
    the anatomy is at the core of our LES foundation,"
    says Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, M.D. The PedFuse REmind family
    offers inspired flexibility within one approach.
    Remind is LES. LES is more. LES is KISS.
    Keeping It Simple and Sensible.

Midline Approach for Optimal Success

Using multiple angles of approach during spine fusion offers greater flexibility for revision cases, if required. Approaching the anatomy with a medial/lateral trajectory means a decreased incision size and greatly increased contact between the implant and the cortical bone. This means maximized efficacy for every millimeter of the screw.

PedFuse® with CortiCan Thread Technology

Wider space between threads at the tip of the screw bonds it to the less dense, cancellous bone interior. Threads grow closer together at the proximal head of the screw to grip the harder, cortical shell on the surface of the bone. Our patented Pedfuse REmind technology reduces the amount of hardware that must be installed to complete the surgery.