Designed With A Purpose

The Less Exposure Surgical Retractor: Cross Formation (LESR-X) requires a smaller incision than traditional open procedures, which may result in less tissue trauma and scarring. It has independent blade distraction and independent blade angulation up to 45°. It also features an easy push button release to unlock its blades.

Key Features
  • Independent blade distraction
  • Independent blade angulation up to 45Âș
  • Easy push button release to unlock the blades
  • Up to 50mm of distraction
  • Multiple table mount positions
  • Designed for optimum position stability
  • The 2 blades for medial lateral distraction
  • Can be used with standard fluoro equipment or a second retractor for medial/lateral or anterior/posterior retraction
  • Accessories include a bright lighting system, blade stability anchor screws, anatomy matching blade extenders
  • Smaller incision than traditional open procedure results in less tissue trauma and scarring
The LESR-X Retractor is intended to manipulate tissue or for use with other devices in orthopedic surgery. This instrument may be used during surgical procedures requiring posterior or oblique access to the lumbar spine for use by, or as directed by a surgeon.