Designed With A Purpose

The Arena-C Anterior Cervical Interbody has a large bone graft pocket to promote bone fusion and aggressive teeth to prevent expulsion. Its tapered design allows for easier insertion and it is accompanied by an inserter.

Key Features
  • Large bone graft window
  • Aggresive teeth
  • Tapered design
  • Manufactured from PEEK-OPTIMA™
  • Low profile inserter
The Arena-C® Cervical Intervertebral Body Fusion Device is a spinal intervertebral body fusion device intended for intervertebral body fusion of the spine of skeletally mature patients, using autogenous bone graft to facilitate fusion. The device is indicated for use in patients with degenerative disc disease (DDD) of the cervical spine at one level from the C2-C3 disc to the C7-T1 disc. The SpineFrontier Arena-C® Cervical Intervertebral Body Fusion Device is intended to be used with supplemental spinal fixation system(s) cleared for use in the cervical spine (example: Anterior Cervical Plate Fixation).
Degenerative Disc Disease is defined as discogenic pain with degeneration of the disc confirmed by a history of radiographic studies. These patients should be skeletally mature and have had six (6) weeks of non-operative treatment prior to the treatment with an intervertebral cage.