starting with surgeons
SpineFrontier was founded by surgeons, for surgeons.
where surgeons innovate
We collaborate with surgeons to bring innovative ideas to fruition.
pioneering les as the new mis
Innovative techniques drive innovative technologies.
We start with you.
If you plan to have surgery, SpineFrontier's mission is to create LES Technologies to give you a faster recovery. If you are a surgeon, we want to empower you to perform safer, simpler and faster surgeries.
We are the leading provider of LES® technologies and instruments. Headquartered in greater Boston, we are a global company founded in 2006 and have launched 35 products since our first product release in 2008.
benefiting patients
We focus on outpatient procedures that allow for a quicker recovery.
Corporate Tour
Corporate tours provide professionals with the chance to explore our operation from the inside. Begin at our headquarters and meet with our company’s leaders, get a behind-the-scenes tour of our manufacturing facility, meet with engineers and discuss product development opportunities, and complete a training seminar on Less Exposure Surgery technologies and techniques.
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350 Main Street, Third Floor
Malden, MA 02148
(978) 232-3990
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