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Surgeons, this New SpineFrontier Initiative Could Help You and Your Practice

Surgeons, This New 7 Steps SpineFrontier Initiative Could Help You and Your Practice

The Purpose Behind the 7 Steps of Surgeon Onboarding

SpineFrontier has unrolled a new initiative in customer support called the 7 Steps of Surgeon Onboarding. The 7 Steps are one of the tools the SpineFrontier sales and customer support teams hope will help acquaint surgeons with the many opportunities for industry support and involvement available through the SpineFrontier and KICVentures ecosystem.

The purpose behind the 7 Steps isn’t complicated – it’s not even that earth-shattering – it’s mostly about building and maintaining relationships. But, as anyone knows, a purpose as fundamental and basic as relationship-building can also be one of the hardest things to do well. Thus, the SpineFrontier Sales team decided to implement the 7 Steps of Surgeon Onboarding as an internal structure to help SpineFrontier team members do a difficult job well.

The basic premise of the initiative is this: SpineFrontier engineers, executives, reps, sales people, (basically any SpineFrontier employee’s) first goal is to understand each surgeon’s needs on an individual basis. This has, historically, been one of SpineFrontier’s greatest strengths – something that has differentiated it from the larger, faceless, medical device companies. SpineFrontier team members know their surgeons on a personal level. This level of relationship drives them to ask the most human questions. “Who is this surgeon? What gets her up in the morning? What is she passionate about? What makes her so good? Where does she want to go? How can I help her get there?”

The next step is to help surgeons understand SpineFrontier: “Does this surgeon know all the ways we can support her?” Helping each surgeon understand the opportunities available to them at SpineFrontier is the harder part. Because SpineFrontier is nimble, creative, and surgeon-led –these opportunities are often more plentiful and diverse than a surgeon-customer might imagine, and they are tailored differently to each person.

For instance, SpineFrontier has always offered the traditional opportunities for surgeons to work on product development and innovation, but it’s also provided less traditional opportunities of supporting surgeons in business strategy for opening hospitals or surgery centers. SpineFrontier has created research opportunities for surgeons wanting to contribute to a particular research topic. It’s partnered with other surgeons to develop overseas, opportunities for medical philanthropy. Its supported surgeons in creating personalized, compelling marketing materials. It’s facilitated surgeons involvement at teaching and speaking events. The opportunities are as diverse as the customers themselves – something that the 7 Steps of Surgeon Onboarding is meant to help SpineFrontier team members communicate to their surgeons.

The final steps of the initiative hinge on documenting and planning professional milestones with each surgeon (this entails a one year plan, and a five year plan outline of what a surgeon hopes to accomplish) and brainstorming how the SpineFrontier team can specifically support them in achieving these goals. The final steps also focus on helping each surgeon execute his or her milestones while providing ongoing support from SpineFrontier.

Ultimately, the 7 Steps of Surgeon Onboarding is a tool of support and structure in pursuit of the most basic, and hardest of goals: fostering genuine relationships and reinforcing the personal and professional pursuits of those focused on better serving patients. At the end of the day, this is what SpineFrontier is: an enterprise of bettering people’s lives by investing in surgeons and patients.