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How We're Improving the Way We Showcase Our Product at SpineFrontier

Why We Value the Way We Showcase Our Products

We’re celebrating an improved product showcase and education space.

At SpineFrontier we’re always looking to improve. In 2016 we did that in a big way by relocating to our new office space in Malden, Mass. We’re closer to Boston, have a bigger lab, a bigger workshop, we’re a short drive to our manufacturing partner to facilitate in-person collaboration and we have much more room to grow in the company. With new space came empty walls and hallways, which we saw as opportunities to showcase our strengths and educate both internally and externally about our product.

Our walls speak for the company and to the company. This is one of the largest mechanisms for sharing information and engaging the team. These shouldn’t be static and dull, but ever-changing, informative and exciting.

Display Stand Development

How We're Improving the Way We Showcase Our Product at SpineFrontier

We went into this project knowing we needed to elevate our implants. Our team brainstormed multiple times to conceptualize a platform that could be modular enough to work for each system, whether it involve screws, interbodies or plates. After lots of configuring, model making and testing fit, we found a system that would be able to highlight our implants in the variety of environments that they would live. Each placard would be able to show the implant placement in situ – within a disc space or between spinous processes – while still showing the size range offered and an actual implant that could be removed for closer inspection.

We created the series of demo sets not just for the visiting surgeons, but for the employees. We believe we should be surrounded by the products we created and are so proud of. Sharing our product with people from other teams spreads excitement and awareness of the value we create for surgeons and the patients. We designed these displays to accentuate our implants – the size range, materials and companion products. highlighting their design, functionality and the ingenuity that went into their development.

Our team has attended many events since the completion of the plaques, which has given us an opportunity to take these displays on the road and showcase our work to surgeons at national spine conferences.

We look forward to connecting with those interested in our operation. Schedule a VIP Tour with us to learn more about our Less Exposure Surgery Technologies and Techniques by calling our office at 978 232 3990.