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The LES Society Receives Astounding Interest Increase in Latest Training Lab - SpineFrontier Teams Up

The LES Society Receives Astounding Interest Increase in Latest Training Lab


The Less Exposure Surgery (LES) Society – dedicated to leading the charge of proving LES treatment options as the best solution to lowering the cost of healthcare, improving outcomes and patient satisfaction – has seen a major spike in interest in their educational training labs.

The LES Society proudly announced their New York City Training Lab as a sold out event, at maximum attendee capacity. On June 3, eighteen residents, fellows and practicing surgeons will come together to learn about breakthrough Less Exposure Surgery techniques and technologies, followed by a discussion of how this new philosophy will continue to better the lives of patients.

The Training Lab will take place at the Stewart Hotel, with a dinner and lively business and medicine discussion at the popular restaurant, Tao, to follow.

The LES Society supports surgeon innovators, entrepreneurs and inventors in the industry – with the leadership of expert surgeons – through education and real-time exposure, differentiating their philosophy from traditional techniques used in the field.

Participating proctor surgeons at the Training Lab include Board Certified Neurosurgeons Dr. Joseph Aferzon and Dr. Fassil Mesfin, Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Dante Leven, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Bash, and LES Society Founder and Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Kingsley R. Chin.

In accordance with Less Exposure Surgery techniques and featuring LES technologies by event sponsor SpineFrontier, the program contains two didactic and cadaver lab sessions.

For inquiries and interest in future training and labs, connect with the LES Society at or visit

SpineFrontier Teaming up with the LES Society: NYC Training Lab Feat. Dr. Joseph Aferzon

Teaming up with the LES Society: NYC Training Lab Feat. Dr. Joseph Aferzon

Dr. Joseph Aferzon joins the senior faculty at the LES Society Training Lab in New York City, in collaboration with SpineFrontier techniques and technologies.

SpineFrontier Teaming up with the LES Society: NYC Training Lab Feat. Dr. Joseph Aferzon

Dr. Aferzon – board certified neurosurgeon with 19 years of clinical experience – educates attendees alongside proctors Dr. Fassil Mesfin, Dr. Dante Leven, Dr. Jeffrey Bash and Dr. Kingsley R. Chin. The Training Lab will offer attendees a weekend of education and networking opportunity with top professionals in the industry.

Dr. Aferzon is an attending neurosurgeon at Hartford Hospital, Middlesex Hospital and an assistant professor at the University of Connecticut Medical Center. He is presently involved in spine device invention, several of which are used in treatment all over the world. He is a leading expert in minimally invasive spinal surgery techniques, instructing surgeons across the country in practices that lead to less complications, less pain and a faster patient recovery during and post procedure. He holds 12 patents in minimally invasive spinal instrumentation.

A member of the American Academy of Neurological Surgery,  Congress of Neurological Surgery, National Association of Spine Surgeons, New England Neurosurgical Society and Society of Lateral Access Surgeons, Dr. Aferzon has been chosen several times as one of the “Top Neurosurgeons in Connecticut” by fellow industry leaders. [1]

This LES Society Training Lab takes place in the heart of New York City and features a didactic and cadaver lab as well as discussion on business and medicine at the popular night spot Tao.

Due to tremendous interest in this event, the Training Lab is at maximum capacity. For inquiries and interest in future training and labs, please connect with us at and visit us at to learn more about our innovative techniques and technology.



SpineFrontier A Meeting of the Minds: Dr. Kingsley R. Chin Speaks among Dr. Bash & Dr. Aferzon

A Meeting of the Minds: Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, Dr. Bash & Dr. Aferzon

Dr. Jeffrey Bash and Dr. Joseph Aferzon recently hosted an event at the Capital Grille in Hartford, Conn. The dinner was a meeting of the minds and featured Dr. Chin, the surgeon-entrepreneur founder and CEO of SpineFrontier. In addition to the hosts, the event was attended by several prolific Connecticut surgeons brought together by a common interest in innovative product design and outpatient care.

The evening kicked off with a round table-style, open forum discussion about surgeon innovation at SpineFrontier. Dr. Bash and Dr. Aferzon spoke glowingly about their experiences working with SpineFrontier designers and engineers. They described the benefits of collaborating with SpineFrontier’s talented and smart product design team who have taken their ideas for new and better products and instruments and turned them into reality. Dr. Bash noted that the SpineFrontier team was unique in both its ability to understand surgeons’ input and direction and to design intelligent products and instruments that worked better for surgeons and patients.

The discussion turned to the rise of outpatient treatment out of necessity for patient safety. Dr. Chin and Sarah Cook (a SpineFrontier Mechanical Engineer) shared case studies with the group and talked about SpineFrontier’s variety of product offerings. The rest of the evening centered on a vibrant discussion about the spine industry, the rise of outpatient treatment, new billing restrictions and innovative surgical techniques

To wrap up the evening, Jake Lubinski, president of AxioMed, gave a short presentation on AxioMed’s clinical studies of its Freedom® total disc replacement technology. Frank Schnur, the Chief Sales Officer of KICVentures, spoke about the KICVentures’ ecosystem of health-tech companies and its entrepreneurial movement.