Author: Abagail Sullivan

SpineFrontier Takes on the 2017 ISASS Conference

The 2017 ISASS Conference was a success! We were honored to showcase our products at the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery’s (ISASS) Annual Conference in Boca Raton, Fla. this week and enjoyed meeting and networking with various professionals in the industry. A few of our SpineFrontier crew flew out and represented, presenting the latest Less Exposure Surgery Technology alongside AxioMed’s hands-on demo of their Freedom Disc.

“The ISASS Conference provides a rare, independent space where innovative ideas become reality. It was great representing SpineFrontier amid such a vast audience of likeminded individuals in the industry,” said SpineFrontier Industrial Designer Josh Finkel.

AxioMed Takes on the 2017 ISASS Conference

SpineFrontier and AxioMed Founder Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, right, amid interested surgeons.

ISSAS is a global, scientific and educational society dedicated to advancements in spine surgery. During their annual Conference, surgeons, scientists, inventors and various professionals in the industry come together to discuss and address issues involving spinal techniques and technologies. These include basic and clinical science of motion preservation, stabilization, innovative technologies, MIS procedures, biologics and other fundamental topics to restore and improve motion and function of the spine.

AxioMed Senior VP, Research & Development Kari Zimmers said, “It was great being able to represent AxioMed at ISASS. So many people stopped by, excited to see AxioMed moving forward and interested to learn more about the technology.”

The 2017 Conference offered workshops, symposiums, general sessions, a cadaver lab and more. We’re looking forward to many more!

The LES Society for Fellows and SpineFrontier Together Host Educational Lab for Less Exposure Surgery

LES Society and SpineFrontier Collaborate in Educational Lab for Less Exposure Surgery

The LES Society for Fellows and SpineFrontier have collaborated to offer an educational lab segment, Less Exposure Surgery for the Young & Aging Spine: Modern Fusion Techniques.

From Friday, March 31, to Sunday, April 2, the LES Society will host a weekend of learning, developing, networking and more, at the Sanctuary Surgical Center in Boca Raton, Fla. and additional special entertainment venues.

No other organization has provided this unique professional development experience. In keeping with LES Society’s mission of advancing research, education and technology, the Lab will offer various education tools, from a hands-on cadaver lab and case study roundtable discussions to a breakdown of LES techniques and device technology.

Visit the event program here to check out more details on the Lab’s agenda.

Senior faculty attending the Lab include leading professionals in the medical industry, Dr. Dante Leven, Dr. Ashley Simela and LES Society Founder Dr. Kingsley R. Chin.

The weekend will also include mornings of breakfast and introductions, afternoon lunch, and evenings of dinner and drinks. The event will serve as an outlet for medical professionals to meet, learn, develop and enjoy the valuable resources the LES Society can provide.

This Lab is currently SOLD OUT. Please reach out to for details and alerts on upcoming Society events.

Dr. Kingsley R. Chin at AAOS 2017 Annual Meeting San Diego Convention Center

Dr. Kingsley R. Chin Visits the AAOS 2017 Annual Meeting

Dr. Kingsley R. Chin at AAOS 2017 Annual Meeting San Diego Convention CenterOur founder, Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, ventures to San Diego for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2017 Annual Meeting. AAOS provides education and practice management services to orthopedic surgeons and allied health professionals, serving as an outlet to provide patient care and public information about the science of orthopedics.

Each year, AAOS hosts an Annual Meeting, offering educational sessions, product exhibitions, self-directed learning, hands-on showcases, and networking opportunities. The Annual Meeting draws over 30,000 participants yearly, and this year, our founder stopped by to check out the buzz.

“As I walk the floor and talk to my peers, I keep receiving feedback that the AxioMed disc is clearly in a different class by itself. It’s rare to see such clear, disruptive technology,” said Dr. Chin.

Post-meeting, Dr. Chin attended the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program alumni reception at the Pool Club. With all orthopedic members of HCORP welcome, the event served as a catch-up of memories and long-time friendships. Dr. Kingsley R. Chin at the HCORP alumni dinner AAOS San Diego