SpineFrontier Takes on the 2017 ISASS Conference

The 2017 ISASS Conference was a success! We were honored to showcase our products at the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery’s (ISASS) Annual Conference in Boca Raton, Fla. this week and enjoyed meeting and networking with various professionals in the industry. A few of our SpineFrontier crew flew out and represented, presenting the latest Less Exposure Surgery Technology alongside AxioMed’s hands-on demo of their Freedom Disc.

“The ISASS Conference provides a rare, independent space where innovative ideas become reality. It was great representing SpineFrontier amid such a vast audience of likeminded individuals in the industry,” said SpineFrontier Industrial Designer Josh Finkel.

AxioMed Takes on the 2017 ISASS Conference

SpineFrontier and AxioMed Founder Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, right, amid interested surgeons.

ISSAS is a global, scientific and educational society dedicated to advancements in spine surgery. During their annual Conference, surgeons, scientists, inventors and various professionals in the industry come together to discuss and address issues involving spinal techniques and technologies. These include basic and clinical science of motion preservation, stabilization, innovative technologies, MIS procedures, biologics and other fundamental topics to restore and improve motion and function of the spine.

AxioMed Senior VP, Research & Development Kari Zimmers said, “It was great being able to represent AxioMed at ISASS. So many people stopped by, excited to see AxioMed moving forward and interested to learn more about the technology.”

The 2017 Conference offered workshops, symposiums, general sessions, a cadaver lab and more. We’re looking forward to many more!

How We're Improving the Way We Showcase Our Product at SpineFrontier

Why We Value the Way We Showcase Our Products

We’re celebrating an improved product showcase and education space.

At SpineFrontier we’re always looking to improve. In 2016 we did that in a big way by relocating to our new office space in Malden, Mass. We’re closer to Boston, have a bigger lab, a bigger workshop, we’re a short drive to our manufacturing partner to facilitate in-person collaboration and we have much more room to grow in the company. With new space came empty walls and hallways, which we saw as opportunities to showcase our strengths and educate both internally and externally about our product.

Our walls speak for the company and to the company. This is one of the largest mechanisms for sharing information and engaging the team. These shouldn’t be static and dull, but ever-changing, informative and exciting.

Display Stand Development

How We're Improving the Way We Showcase Our Product at SpineFrontier

We went into this project knowing we needed to elevate our implants. Our team brainstormed multiple times to conceptualize a platform that could be modular enough to work for each system, whether it involve screws, interbodies or plates. After lots of configuring, model making and testing fit, we found a system that would be able to highlight our implants in the variety of environments that they would live. Each placard would be able to show the implant placement in situ – within a disc space or between spinous processes – while still showing the size range offered and an actual implant that could be removed for closer inspection.

We created the series of demo sets not just for the visiting surgeons, but for the employees. We believe we should be surrounded by the products we created and are so proud of. Sharing our product with people from other teams spreads excitement and awareness of the value we create for surgeons and the patients. We designed these displays to accentuate our implants – the size range, materials and companion products. highlighting their design, functionality and the ingenuity that went into their development.

Our team has attended many events since the completion of the plaques, which has given us an opportunity to take these displays on the road and showcase our work to surgeons at national spine conferences.

We look forward to connecting with those interested in our operation. Schedule a VIP Tour with us to learn more about our Less Exposure Surgery Technologies and Techniques by calling our office at 978 232 3990.

The LES Society for Fellows and SpineFrontier Together Host Educational Lab for Less Exposure Surgery

LES Society and SpineFrontier Collaborate in Educational Lab for Less Exposure Surgery

The LES Society for Fellows and SpineFrontier have collaborated to offer an educational lab segment, Less Exposure Surgery for the Young & Aging Spine: Modern Fusion Techniques.

From Friday, March 31, to Sunday, April 2, the LES Society will host a weekend of learning, developing, networking and more, at the Sanctuary Surgical Center in Boca Raton, Fla. and additional special entertainment venues.

No other organization has provided this unique professional development experience. In keeping with LES Society’s mission of advancing research, education and technology, the Lab will offer various education tools, from a hands-on cadaver lab and case study roundtable discussions to a breakdown of LES techniques and device technology.

Visit the event program here to check out more details on the Lab’s agenda.

Senior faculty attending the Lab include leading professionals in the medical industry, Dr. Dante Leven, Dr. Ashley Simela and LES Society Founder Dr. Kingsley R. Chin.

The weekend will also include mornings of breakfast and introductions, afternoon lunch, and evenings of dinner and drinks. The event will serve as an outlet for medical professionals to meet, learn, develop and enjoy the valuable resources the LES Society can provide.

This Lab is currently SOLD OUT. Please reach out to contact@lessociety.org for details and alerts on upcoming Society events.

Dr. Kingsley R. Chin at AAOS 2017 Annual Meeting San Diego Convention Center

Dr. Kingsley R. Chin Visits the AAOS 2017 Annual Meeting

Dr. Kingsley R. Chin at AAOS 2017 Annual Meeting San Diego Convention CenterOur founder, Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, ventures to San Diego for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2017 Annual Meeting. AAOS provides education and practice management services to orthopedic surgeons and allied health professionals, serving as an outlet to provide patient care and public information about the science of orthopedics.

Each year, AAOS hosts an Annual Meeting, offering educational sessions, product exhibitions, self-directed learning, hands-on showcases, and networking opportunities. The Annual Meeting draws over 30,000 participants yearly, and this year, our founder stopped by to check out the buzz.

“As I walk the floor and talk to my peers, I keep receiving feedback that the AxioMed disc is clearly in a different class by itself. It’s rare to see such clear, disruptive technology,” said Dr. Chin.

Post-meeting, Dr. Chin attended the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program alumni reception at the Pool Club. With all orthopedic members of HCORP welcome, the event served as a catch-up of memories and long-time friendships. Dr. Kingsley R. Chin at the HCORP alumni dinner AAOS San Diego


SpineFrontier, Inc's MISquito Percutaneous Pedicle Screw System in action.

SpineFrontier Enhances the MISquito Percutaneous Pedicle Screw System in Response to Growing Demand

SpineFrontier leverages Dr. Kingsley R. Chin’s extensive history of developing less invasive technologies since his invention of the MANTIS Percutaneous Screw System purchased by Stryker Corporation in 2005

SpineFrontier, Inc., the leader in Less Exposure Surgery (LES®) Technologies, announced today the next evolution in spinal fusion, the MISquito Percutaneous Pedicle Screw System (part of the PedFuse Pedicle Screw System platform). In contrast to the competition, SpineFrontier is focused on technique driven product solutions that provide maximum efficiency and enable outpatient, same-day surgery for patients. The MISquito’s advanced instrumentation and technique reduces exposure to fluoroscopy and eliminates the complexity of inserting of pedicle screws, pedicle rods, and locking caps in multilevel constructs.

Learn More About The Making of MISquito by Watching this Video:

Dr. Chin, orthopedic spine surgeon and CEO of SpineFrontier, says, “Almost every week I now use the MISquito for percutaneous lumbar fixation in an outpatient setting. The instrumentation makes it easy to perform fusions in a lateral position and for multilevel fusions from T2 to the sacrum with ease. I first started designing percutaneous pedicle screws in 2003 with the MANTIS and now 14 years later the MISquito is very advanced in its efficiency and simplicity. With the rise in number of fusions being performed, it is critical that we make these progressive leaps forward with our systems. We are now working on leveraging the design for scoliosis.”

The MISquito System continues to advance under the leadership and expertise of Dr. Chin, SpineFrontier’s rapidly expanding surgeon base, and their relationship with SpineFrontier’s accomplished Engineers and Designers who are trained to perform this surgery in the onsite cadaver lab. This extensive knowledge network ensures that no use scenario goes unexplored and ensures the instrumentation, in conjunction with the technique, overcome the limitations and intricacies of the competition.

Michael Emery, SpineFrontier Product Manager and Engineer of SpineFrontier’s Pedicle Screw platform “It’s exciting to continue to see the effective results of our Technique based Technologies through the relationship between our surgeons and engineers. The system boasts a first in-class implant engineered to accommodate a wide range of patient anatomy, bone density, and deformities. We accomplished this with our various screw offerings, built in reduction capability with superior tab strength, and progressive screw thread.”

SpineFrontier has enhanced the MISquito System to increase the ease and simplicity of putting in percutaneous screws and rods over multiple levels.

  • The flat blade dilator is designed to create a minimal incision size ideal for screw and rod insertion without excess tissue damage.
  • The locking screw inserter eliminates any toggle between the implant and instrument making it feel like one device. The locking mechanism ensures the screw is fully retained and does not unintentionally disassemble from the inserter.
  • A new implant configuration called REspond-XL that incorporates extended break off tabs with significant reduction threads for easy rod reduction
  • The threaded rod pusher allows for fully seating the pedicle rod into the saddle of the tulip
  • The new GEN II Rod Inserter was developed to ensure a rigid connection between instrument and implant to allow for rod and tulip manipulation in-situ during insertion. The mechanism allows for effortless insertion into the anatomy without the need for an additional incision.
  • The system also has a percutaneous compressor/distractor system that is less complex than competitor systems and fits into the technique flawlessly.

The PedFuse Pedicle Screw System is intended to provide immobilization and stabilization of spinal segments in skeletally mature patients as an adjunct to fusion in the treatment of the following acute instabilities or deformities of the thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spine: degenerative spondylolisthesis with objective evidence of neurological impairment, fracture, dislocation, scoliosis, kyphosis, spinal tumor, and failed previous fusion (Pseudoarthrosis).

In addition, the PedFuse Pedicle Screw System is indicated for the treatment of severe spondylolisthesis (Grade 3 and 4) of the L5-S1 vertebra in skeletally mature patients receiving fusion by autogenous bone graft having implants attached to the lumbar and sacral spine (L3 to S1).

About SpineFrontier Inc.
SpineFrontier Inc. is a growing medical technology company that designs, develops and markets both implants and instruments for spine surgery based on the Less Exposure Surgery (LES®) Philosophy. These technologies are designed to allow for outpatient surgery due to minimal disruption of normal tissues. SpineFrontier believes LESS is more: LESS time in treatment and recovery is more time in action for patients and surgeons. The LES Techniques drive the design process under the leadership and expertise of Dr. Chin, our surgeon experts, and engineering team that have access to our training lab and state of the art manufacturing facility to ensure that every use scenario is explored and design limitations are overcome. SpineFrontier is headquartered in Malden, MA. It was founded in 2006, and released its first products in 2008. SpineFrontier is a KICVentures portfolio company and the leader in LES technologies and instruments.

Phone: (978) 232-3990
Media: contact(at)spinefrontier(dot)com
Sales: sales(at)spinefrontier(dot)com
Engineering: MikeEmery(at)spinefrontier(dot)com

SpineFrontier S-LIFT Lateral Interbody

Product Spotlight: S-LIFT Lateral Interbody

S-LIFT (Sagittal Lumbar Interbody Fusion Technology)

S-LIFT has a design that allows for a lateral approach to the anatomy, which enables a smaller incision size but also maintain a large footprint to provide stability within the patient.

“…the unique split rib design increases rigidity and robustness of the cage while also allowing for more graft to fill the interbody space during post-packing. This innovative feature creates opportunity for a fusion mass to form throughout the cage…”

Learn more about S-LIFT here.

AxioMed Discusses Future of Total Motion Restoration at AAOS

AxioMed Discusses Future of Total Motion Restoration at AAOS

Finding a Better Future: A Diversity of Perspectives Adds Dimension to Future Technological Solutions in Spine

AxioMed’s discussion of the future of total motion restoration opens up dialogue between spine surgeons, fellow and industry insiders at AAOS.

AxioMed, LLC announced today that its event at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) Conference in Orlando, Fla. on Thursday March 3, 2016, fostered a lively discussion about the future of total motion restoration in spine. The event took place at the JW Marriott, and was attended by a variety of industry players, including established practicing surgeons, academics, fellows, and biologics and medical technology producers. Members of the press were also present.

“The diversity of attendees created a dynamic conversation informed by multiple perspectives from industry leaders, academics, surgeons and fellows.It opened up an important dialogue about the possibilities in total segment restoration,” said Jake Lubinski, president of AxioMed

“The diversity of attendees created a dynamic conversation informed by multiple perspectives from industry leaders, academics, surgeons and fellows.It opened up an important dialogue about the possibilities in total segment restoration,” said Jake Lubinski, president of AxioMed. “We hosted this event, because we believe those in the spine industry can learn a lot from the history of joint replacement, and that the time has come to move beyond fusion.”

Attendees engaged in debate on topics surrounding total motion preservation in the spine, discussing questions such as: “What’s been happening in the facet market? Is it feasible to replace the facets? Why not replace the facets? Is facet replacement an idea whose time has come?”

Dr. Jens Chapman, an Orthopedic Surgeon who practices at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle, WA, and has been a proponent for sound evidence-based spine motion restoration procedures, participated in the discussion, raising important high-level and technical points about total facet replacement. He said, “In spine, we don’t have a good solution for total segment restoration yet. For facets we need to find a treatment that’s less bulky, yet effective and use it in patients where simple treatment, such as decompression surgery alone is not applicable.”

The evening also featured a talk from Invibio about the benefits of HA PEEK and SpineFrontier’s pioneering role in bringing it to market. Jake Lubinski, President of AxioMed, LLC spoke about facet replacement, a solution that Dr. Kingsley R. Chin patented in 2002, and how the AxioMed Freedom total disc replacement, together with facet replacement technology, represents a huge step forward for the industry.

Dr. Chin, an Orthopedic Surgeon and CEO of KICVentures, called the event, “a historic discussion among surgeons about the challenges and opportunities that these technologies present.” He said that it was important that a mix of fellows and more experienced surgeons were present. “It’s time for us surgeons who have been practicing for awhile to begin to hand this vision for the future of spine and total motion restoration off to fellows. That’s why we’re intentional in our partnership with fellows, because we believe the life of our vision for better spine solutions will eventually be sustained by them.”

About AxioMed

Founded in 2001, AxioMed began its journey of exhaustively proving the Freedom® Disc through research, development and testing. In 2014, KICVentures recognized the disc’s enormous potential and acquired the company into their healthcare portfolio. AxioMed owns an exclusive viscoelastic material license on its proprietary Freedom Disc technology.

About SpineFrontier® Inc.

SpineFrontier Inc. is a growing medical technology company that designs, develops and markets both implants and instruments for spine surgery based on the Less Exposure Surgery (LES®) Philosophy. These technologies are designed to allow for outpatient surgery due to minimal disruption of normal tissues. SpineFrontier is headquartered in Malden, MA. It is a KICVentures portfolio company and the leader in LES technologies and instruments.

About KICVentures

KICVentures manages several portfolio companies (including AxioMed, LLC and SpineFrontier®, Inc.), investing in disruptive technology in the health-tech sector. KICVentures acquires, creates, and nurtures companies and their technologies to their fullest potential.

SpineFrontier A Meeting of the Minds: Dr. Kingsley R. Chin Speaks among Dr. Bash & Dr. Aferzon

A Meeting of the Minds: Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, Dr. Bash & Dr. Aferzon

Dr. Jeffrey Bash and Dr. Joseph Aferzon recently hosted an event at the Capital Grille in Hartford, Conn. The dinner was a meeting of the minds and featured Dr. Chin, the surgeon-entrepreneur founder and CEO of SpineFrontier. In addition to the hosts, the event was attended by several prolific Connecticut surgeons brought together by a common interest in innovative product design and outpatient care.

The evening kicked off with a round table-style, open forum discussion about surgeon innovation at SpineFrontier. Dr. Bash and Dr. Aferzon spoke glowingly about their experiences working with SpineFrontier designers and engineers. They described the benefits of collaborating with SpineFrontier’s talented and smart product design team who have taken their ideas for new and better products and instruments and turned them into reality. Dr. Bash noted that the SpineFrontier team was unique in both its ability to understand surgeons’ input and direction and to design intelligent products and instruments that worked better for surgeons and patients.

The discussion turned to the rise of outpatient treatment out of necessity for patient safety. Dr. Chin and Sarah Cook (a SpineFrontier Mechanical Engineer) shared case studies with the group and talked about SpineFrontier’s variety of product offerings. The rest of the evening centered on a vibrant discussion about the spine industry, the rise of outpatient treatment, new billing restrictions and innovative surgical techniques

To wrap up the evening, Jake Lubinski, president of AxioMed, gave a short presentation on AxioMed’s clinical studies of its Freedom® total disc replacement technology. Frank Schnur, the Chief Sales Officer of KICVentures, spoke about the KICVentures’ ecosystem of health-tech companies and its entrepreneurial movement.

Arena-C HA Anterior Cervical Interbody is Making a Splash!

The amazing Arena-C HA technology

Due to surgeon demand, we are so excited to announce that the Arena-C HA anterior cervical interbody is now available in both 12 x 15 and 11 x 17 footprints. Check out the details of this amazing HA technology below.

SpineFrontier Arena-C HA Anterior Cervical Interbody is Making a Splash!

SpineFrontier Arena-C HA Anterior Cervical Interbody is Making a Splash!
Surgeons, this New SpineFrontier Initiative Could Help You and Your Practice

Surgeons, This New 7 Steps SpineFrontier Initiative Could Help You and Your Practice

The Purpose Behind the 7 Steps of Surgeon Onboarding

SpineFrontier has unrolled a new initiative in customer support called the 7 Steps of Surgeon Onboarding. The 7 Steps are one of the tools the SpineFrontier sales and customer support teams hope will help acquaint surgeons with the many opportunities for industry support and involvement available through the SpineFrontier and KICVentures ecosystem.

The purpose behind the 7 Steps isn’t complicated – it’s not even that earth-shattering – it’s mostly about building and maintaining relationships. But, as anyone knows, a purpose as fundamental and basic as relationship-building can also be one of the hardest things to do well. Thus, the SpineFrontier Sales team decided to implement the 7 Steps of Surgeon Onboarding as an internal structure to help SpineFrontier team members do a difficult job well.

The basic premise of the initiative is this: SpineFrontier engineers, executives, reps, sales people, (basically any SpineFrontier employee’s) first goal is to understand each surgeon’s needs on an individual basis. This has, historically, been one of SpineFrontier’s greatest strengths – something that has differentiated it from the larger, faceless, medical device companies. SpineFrontier team members know their surgeons on a personal level. This level of relationship drives them to ask the most human questions. “Who is this surgeon? What gets her up in the morning? What is she passionate about? What makes her so good? Where does she want to go? How can I help her get there?”

The next step is to help surgeons understand SpineFrontier: “Does this surgeon know all the ways we can support her?” Helping each surgeon understand the opportunities available to them at SpineFrontier is the harder part. Because SpineFrontier is nimble, creative, and surgeon-led –these opportunities are often more plentiful and diverse than a surgeon-customer might imagine, and they are tailored differently to each person.

For instance, SpineFrontier has always offered the traditional opportunities for surgeons to work on product development and innovation, but it’s also provided less traditional opportunities of supporting surgeons in business strategy for opening hospitals or surgery centers. SpineFrontier has created research opportunities for surgeons wanting to contribute to a particular research topic. It’s partnered with other surgeons to develop overseas, opportunities for medical philanthropy. Its supported surgeons in creating personalized, compelling marketing materials. It’s facilitated surgeons involvement at teaching and speaking events. The opportunities are as diverse as the customers themselves – something that the 7 Steps of Surgeon Onboarding is meant to help SpineFrontier team members communicate to their surgeons.

The final steps of the initiative hinge on documenting and planning professional milestones with each surgeon (this entails a one year plan, and a five year plan outline of what a surgeon hopes to accomplish) and brainstorming how the SpineFrontier team can specifically support them in achieving these goals. The final steps also focus on helping each surgeon execute his or her milestones while providing ongoing support from SpineFrontier.

Ultimately, the 7 Steps of Surgeon Onboarding is a tool of support and structure in pursuit of the most basic, and hardest of goals: fostering genuine relationships and reinforcing the personal and professional pursuits of those focused on better serving patients. At the end of the day, this is what SpineFrontier is: an enterprise of bettering people’s lives by investing in surgeons and patients.